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"I agree that sometimes people can turn the meditation into a striving to learn “trick” poses. I think one of the most important aspects of moving with such grace and strength is non attachment. When the mind starts focusing so hard on “getting” the final pose you lose the whole beauty of it. The practice should be approached as a exploration of the present moment. The more you can incorporate this the more your body will respond. It of course takes immense focus and control to move fluidly yet strongly in the physical practice. For me it has been a lot of practice, patience and even visualization! I like to sometimes tell students to just drop into the heart, feel the poses, and surrender to what is. There is so much power in this. Beating yourself up each time you practice, feeling that you must be perfect, will discourage you and slow down your progress. Using only the muscles you need to and relaxing the others is vital so that you don’t overexert. I also believe strongly in using the bandhas and breath as a way to go deeper into the strength and grace of the body. Usually we are stronger than we think we are. The more you release any expectation of getting into a pose, the more you can find complete freedom! I also think it is so important to remind yourself that this is as much a spiritual/inner journey as physical."

Noelle Beaugureau

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“Be a light unto oneself” 

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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The Amazing Yogini, Noelle Beaugureau.